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Creating Brands Shaping Companies Building Products Leaving a Legacy

Everything starts with an idea, a name, a logo, a brand.


Bring life into your organization with on point video production

We provide on point videoproduction that is and feels authentic. Time changes and with it the acceptance in style. The new zeitgeist is determined by originality and creativity. Together with our partner shuto crew we are able to combine corporate endeavours with authentic street appeal.


Your Website is the
virtual representation
of your Organization

Therefore it should look, feel and be managed like your organization.
We specialized in Webdesign, Webdevelopment, Copywriting, Search Engine Optimation and Online Marketing.

Enjoy a Cup of Happiness


Founded under the premise of conjuring joy and happiness into people’s everyday lives, the first Frozen Joe branch was opened in 2014 at the A10 Center in Wildau. In the meantime we already have 7 branches and more are planned. We convince with the simplicity of our self-service concept and an unsurpassed variety of frozen yoghurt varieties and toppings.


Cooperation at eye level


Ing. Karl Träger GmbH is a company which is specialized in the activity in the building sector. Through decades of experience, Ing. Karl Träger GmbH is also able to handle complex construction projects. It goes without saying that we carry out the projects in compliance with the highest adherence to sch

edules and the corresponding regulations.


Investment in Europe


LEITBERG is a UHNWI (Ultra High Net Worth Individuals) investor, who is mainly active in the European residential/social real estate market. LEITBERG also sees itself as a hands-on investor company that is active during difficult and distressed situations as well as in restructuring phases. Professionalism, transparency, and cash flow orientation are the three basic principles that guide LEITBERG. All investments are handled with the utmost confidentiality.


The Asian Food Holding


The Thang Long Holding is a leading international food and foodservice retailer . With the expertise and experience of its team , the company offers tailor-made concepts for the center, railway stations and top city locations .



Real Estate in Berlin


The HSC Group stands for the principles it represents a the. It stands for the ethical and moral responsibility that we humans and contribute towards nature.

We create value and get moving for the future of all.


Curata Acquisition


The CURATA acquisitions firm is dealing with the acquisition of nursing businesses and/or nursing properties through share and asset deals.


Träger Design


Träger Design offers an exclusive clientele the best opportunities to reinvent their homes and offices. They pride themselves on being responsible for all parts of the planning and execution process. This allows them to work with their clients in an unprecedented way and meet their needs.


Pink Group


Founded in 1992, the Pink Group specialises in the acquisition, ownership and management of real estate and participations exclusively in its own right.
The combination of many years of experience, high performance, know-how and a strong network make the Pink Group a sustainably successful company.


Helping the visionaries of today
create the world of tomorrow